Inside Rides


This amusement park classic, built in 1926 takes riders on a gentle ride up-and-down and around on a beautifully carved steed. Chariot seating is also available.

No Height Requirement ( For guest safety, parents must accompany all small children)

Balloon Race

Spin around and around in colorful balloons, as you rise above the clouds.

Height Requirement 36″

Crazy Submarine

Enjoy the view as the crazy submarine takes you back and forth from the ocean floor.

Height Requirement 42″

Fire Engines

Be your own hero, as you race to put out the nearest fire, on Wonderlands oldest amusement ride, built in 1940, and still a classic.

No Height Requirement ( For children only. Parents may not ride)


Jump aboard your favorite elephant and soar high in the air!!!!!

Wet Boats

Ring the bells as you pass the lighthouse, on your ocean adventure.

No Height Requirement ( For children only. Parents may not ride)

Frog Jump Around

Hop on for a bouncing good time!

Must be 36” or accompanied by an adult.

Speedway Whip

Pick your favorite NASCAR driver and start your engines , the race is about to begin.

Height Requirement 36″


A Wonderland Pier tradition since 1965, this ride will give you the best view of our park, letting you plan your days excitement.

Height Requirement 48″

Lower Deck Rides

Canyon Falls Log Flume

There’s no such thing as staying dry on the Canyon Falls. Enjoy yourself on this scenic tour through our canyons, while you listen for the unexpected noises of the night. Remember to smile, because someone is always watching you.

Height Requirement 44″

Tin Lizzy

No trip to Wonderland Pier would be complete without a ride on our classic bumper cars. Height Requirement 48″

Moby Dick

Swing to the left, swing to the right, then swing all the way around as you scream with excitement this exciting thrill ride

Haunted Dark Ride


Must be 48” to ride alone. Must be 36” to ride with an adult.

Drop Tower – NEW for 2017!

Our 130′ thrilling Drop Tower gives riders a breath taking experience as they accelerate towards the ground from a height of 120 FEET reaching a speed of 47 MPH! Not to mention – our Drop Tower offers awesome aerial views of OCNJ!

Midway Deck Rides

Giant Wheel

Touch the clouds on our Giant Wheel. One of our newest attractions, this Giant Wheel provides guest with a great view of our park, as well the city of Ocean City, and its beautiful beaches. On a clear day, you can even see Atlantic City.

Height Requirement 42″

Musik Express

The up and down motion of this ride will keep you rocking and rolling all night.

Height Requirement 48″

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Too small for the Runaway Train Roller Coaster? Come and ride the Wacky Worm Roller Coaster. A great smaller roller coaster with enough thrills for the whole family. Don’t forget to see the excitement on your face at the photo booth as you exit the ride. Fun for the whole family !!!!!!


Run, jump, and slide as you go through this interactive maze of tunnels, bridges, and slides


Up, down, keep me spinning around and around.

Height Requirement 42″


Ships ahoy !!!! Hold on tight and let the motion of the ocean take over.

Height Requirement 42″

Tilt – A – Whirl

Spin around and around on one of Wonderland Piers newest , yet ageless classical ride.

Height Requirement 42″

Alien Abduction (Gravitron)

All aboard

Height Requirement 42″

Glass House

Get lost in the glass

No height requirement.


To small for the bumper cars? The little ones are in control as the cats try to catch the mice.

Height Requirement 36″ ( For children only. Parents may not ride)

Kite Flyer

Up up and away, as you fly like superman on this one of a kind lay down ride.

Bear Bounce

Bear bounce

Gillians Fun Deck Rides

Bear Affair

Jump inside Wonder’s tummy and spin your way to excitement.

Height Requirement 42″

Chopper Train

Hit the highway for a joy ride on our chopper motorcycle!

Must be 36” to ride alone. Must be 32” to ride with an adult.

Dune Buggies

Follow the leader as you drive your Dune Buggie around and around

No Height Requirement ( For children only. Parents may not ride)

Fun Slide

Fun Slide

Fun Slide


Have a seat and let the wind blow through your hair as the swings take you around and around.

Height Requirement 48″